The Squishy Pack
Squirrel Pack

The Squishy Pack

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This sweet little sensory pack is great for those fingers who need a little fiddling in the classroom. Picked to be small enough to use with one hand under their desk so as not to distract other students from working.

Then again at this price they can also be used for prizes.

You get: 

  • 22 Assorted squishy's 
  • 1 Emoji face stress ball

Please note:

  • Each pack contains 15 assorted coloured ice-cream squishy's and 3 donut squishy's.
  • The other 4 squishy's are completely random (Banana, Large Ice-cream, Apple, Seal, Chick, Pumpkin)
  • The picture shown contains all the types of squishy's available but not necessarily the ones you will receive in your pack.