Student Desk Pack

Student Desk Pack

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Our student desk pack was designed for the teacher who needs simple desk equipment for the new student. This pack has also served many parents well with sending 1 pack to update their low supplies.

  • Great for the end of the year to top up a dwindling supply
  • Small glue so their is little wastage when the cap is accidentally left off
  • Safe, quality products tested in numerous classroom by numerous teachers 
  • Each pack has items that have assorted colours to help with individual naming or helpful to group for classroom use

You get:

  • Assorted coloured Bazic (button-clip) pencil case that slides open
  • 8g quality glue
  • Staedtler pencil (top quailty)
  • Assorted coloured 30cm ruler with multiplication tables down one side
  • Assorted coloured eraser
  • 12 pre-sharpened coloured pencils

*suitable for ages over 4 years