Donut Squishie Pack Premium
Donut Squishie Pack Premium
Donut Squishie Pack Premium
Donut Squishie Pack Premium

Donut Squishie Pack Premium

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Go premium! This pack is perfect to give just the way it is, tag, bag and all! An extremely popular mini squishy combined with a reusable cotton drawstring bag, this pack also has the flexibility for you to add a chocolate or two if desired. The 'I DONUT know what I'll do without you' tag has been specifically designed by English designer Hazel Fisher Creations for Squirrel Pack for this year. With over 20 different combinations, each student will feel that their gift is slightly different from their peers showing a personal touch from you. 

  • Improved strength in fingers with use
  • Drawstring bag is reusable
  • Popular product that will certainly be used and not just thrown away
  • Stress reliever and or distractor
  • Great for sensory processing 
  • Proven nerve stimulator and mood enhancer
  • Tags are blank on one side to write a students' name
  • Snowflake bag and squishy have been designed for students who do not celebrate Christmas as they are not Christmas themed.
  • Up to 20 design combinations can be made.
  • Small and light weight for inexpensive postage

You get:

  • Assorted small drawstring bag
  • Assorted coloured mini donut squishy (5cm x 2cm)
  • Christmas themed donut tag with rubber band (for attachment) designed by Hazel Fisher Creations specifically for Squirrel Pack.
  • 1 sheet of Donut Stickers designed by Hazel Fisher Creation