Who is Squirrel Pack?

Squirrel Pack is a small business created by Louise Clarke, a primary school teacher in Brisbane, Australia.

As a dedicated and passionate teacher for over 12 years, I treat my students as if they are my own. I refer to them as ‘my kids’ when discussing with other colleagues and love celebrating birthdays, bestowing well-earned weekly/termly rewards and giving my favourite seasonal gifts (Easter and Christmas).

From personal experience, I have found that we as educators have a limited budget when it comes to the classroom but consistently seem to spend our own money on resources and prizes to help build relationships and trust but also to help out with behaviour management. 

When creating the business, it was my goal to make things as easy and convenient as possible considering the time, effort and money teachers put into their students and classroom each year. 

Let me help by giving some time, effort and money back. Get the convenience of well-thought-out ideas and shopping in one place. See that your students will receive quality, multi-use products and know that affordability and their interests have been taken into account.

Louise | Founder and Owner of Squirrel Pack